Bella Stitt is a certified cognitive therapist who works with clients struggling with depression, anxiety and many issues related to self-esteem and self-worth. She has developed these coloring books as a coping tool to release negative feelings, thoughts or stress for those wanting an outlet or an activity to take the edge off and have a little fun. Her books are filled with mesmerizing images of floral patterns, symmetrical patterns and mandalas that enhance relaxation and inner peace for those who color her drawings.

Coloring, according to research, triggers and stimulates the brain areas involved with motor skills, creativity, and senses. When you color, you calm the amygdala that is located in your brain and controls both your emotions and stress/anxiety.
Coloring allows you to mentally escape and take your mind off your problems--similar to what one is experiencing during meditation. In addition, it will reduce your heart rate, and increase your ability to focus.

With the pictures provided in her books, you will express your creativity with colors and discover the emotions that those colors and images will bring about. There is no right or wrong way to color or any rules to follow. You can proceed at your own pace and let yourself go by tapping into your imagination, and encouraging your self-expression and self-awareness while creating a unique work of art.

More art work from Bella Stitt 
Bella's art was also used for covers of books of stories of flowers and trees.
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